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Ocean Expert Exchange

Co-hosted by ANGARI Foundation and the University of Florida Thompson Earth Systems Institute’s Scientist in Every Florida School initiative, Ocean Expert Exchange webinars feature experts in marine science and technology, many of whom have participated in expeditions onboard ANGARI Foundation’s research vessel R/V ANGARI. Each 30-minute event is designed to be accessible to audiences of all ages and includes a presentation on the speaker’s area of expertise followed by a Q&A session with participants. Live events are streamed via Zoom (recommended) and YouTube Live and recordings of past webinars are available below with curated educational resources for those interested in diving deeper into the content.


Fall 2024 Live Events - Save the dates!

Ocean Expert Exchange Graphic For Dr. Mike Heithaus

Recorded Webinars

Ocean Expert Exchange Graphic For Dr. Robert Ellis
Dr. Savanna Barry Ocean Expert Exchange Branded Graphic
Nicole Besemer Ocean Expert Exchange Branded Graphic
Ocean Expert Exchange With Esther Guzmán
Ocean Expert Exchange With Valeria Pizarro
Ocean Expert Exchange With Candace Fields
Ocean Expert Exchange With Kelly Kibler
Ocean Expert Exchange With Nate Formel
Ocean Expert Exchange With Erin Spencer
OEE coral restoration with Roxane Boonstra of Coral Restoration Foundation
OEE Krista Sherman thumbnail no date
OEE Angela Rosenberg thumbnail no date
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