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Board of Directors

Chris A. Davis, Chairman

From 2005 to 2012, Chris was a general partner at Forstmann Little & Co., where her primary focus was on its major investments in 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide, Inc., the world’s largest fitness center company, and ENK International, a leading tradeshow organization servicing the fashion marketplace.  She served as chairman of the board of 24 Hour Fitness and chairman of the executive committee of the board of ENK International. From 2005 to 2010, she was actively involved with Forstmann Little’s investment in IMG Worldwide, the world’s premier sports, entertainment and media company, serving on its board of directors and as the company’s president.

From April 2002 through August 2005, Chris was chairman of the board of McLeodUSA, Incorporated, an independent telecommunications services provider. She joined McLeodUSA in 2001 as its chief operation and financial officer and served as its chief executive officer from April 2002 until August 2005. Prior to joining McLeodUSA, Chris was executive vice president, chief financial and administrative officer of ONI Systems, a leading manufacturer of optical networking equipment. From 1993 through 2000, Chris was executive vice president and chief financial and administrative officer, a member of the office of the chairman, and a member of the board of directors of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.  Prior to 1993, Chris spent 17 years in financial management holding executive level positions of increasing responsibility at the General Electric Company.

Ms. Davis has served on the board of directors of Rockwell Collins, Inc., Cytec Industries, Inc., Aviall, Inc, Compaq Computer Corp. and Wolverine Tube. She is a founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANGARI Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, private operating foundation that actively supports marine science research and education using its research vessel R/V ANGARI.

In April 2003 Chris was awarded the national “Stevie Award for Best Executive” in the inaugural ceremony for the American Business Awards. In 1999 CFO Magazine recognized Chris with its “Chief Financial Officer Excellence Award” in the Revenue Growth category for her successful leadership at Gulfstream Aerospace. In 1997 she was named one of the “Top 25 Managers of the Year” by Business Week magazine, and in 1996 she was selected as one of the “50 Most Wanted in Finance” by Global Finance magazine.

Chris holds a M.A. degree in Finance and Statistics and a B.S.B.A. degree in Finance from the University of Florida.

S. Lee Rosenberg

S. Lee Rosenberg, Director

From 1970 to 1994, Lee was the President of Victor/Sacks Furs, Inc., a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of fur and leather high-fashion garments.  Victor/Sacks was recognized as a leader in the fur industry, using innovative advertising and marketing campaigns that drove unparalleled revenue growth for a company of its size throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s.

In 1979 Lee was elected as the youngest-ever President of the Master Furriers’ Guild of America, an organization that represented the retail segment of the American Fur Industry.  He served in that role until 1981 at which time he was elected chairman of the board of directors.  During his tenure, the Master Furriers’ Guild of America strengthened its relationships with international fur guilds and also initiated marketing campaigns to educate consumers in the conservation policies regarding endangered species.  Lee spoke on behalf of the industry at university campuses and made appearances on both television and radio in this regard.

Lee was a member of the Master Furriers’ Guild of America, the Golden Guild, and World Wildlife Fund.  He was also a member of Big Brothers of America where he supported several young men through the Big Brothers mentor program.

Lee holds a B.S.B.A. in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Findlay in Ohio.  He is an avid yachtsman, holding a U.S.C.G. Merchant Mariner 100 ton license, and has logged over 50,000 miles of ocean travel.  He has participated in scientific tagging research projects and sponsored oceanographic instrument deployments. He enjoys SCUBA diving, snorkeling, and golf.

Angela Rosenberg

Angela Rosenberg, President & Director

Angela serves as President of ANGARI Foundation and captains R/V ANGARI. Angela combined her love for the ocean, marine science and boating to create ANGARI Foundation and has a range of expertise in marine and environmental sciences.

Prior to ANGARI Foundation, she held the position of Director of Programs and Policies for the nonprofit organization The International SeaKeepers Society where she developed and implemented international programs relating to scientific expeditions, oceanographic instrument deployments, education and outreach. Before entering the nonprofit world, Angela worked as a marine geochemist and managed the Marine Trace Element Laboratory at the University of South Carolina. She has conducted extensive field and laboratory work in the marine science field in the U.S. and abroad. In total, Angela has more than fifteen years of marine research experience. She has been involved in research projects on shallow and deep-water corals, aquaculture, marine fossils, paleoceanography, climate change, ocean acidification, trace metals in the ocean and seafloor mapping, among others. Additionally, Angela has several scientific publications and has made numerous presentations to industry groups and educational forums throughout her career.

Angela earned a M.B.A. from the University of South Carolina and a M.S. in Marine Geology and Geophysics and a B.S. in Marine Science and Biology from the University of Miami.

Angela has extensive knowledge and experience in boating and holds a U.S.C.G. Merchant Mariner 100 ton license and STCW and Marine Security credentials as well as several SCUBA certifications, including rescue and NITROX.

Kari Rosenberg, Vice President of Production & Director

Kari Rosenberg is Vice President of Production at ANGARI Foundation where she leads the development and production of ANGARI’s virtual reality films. She creates films that are accessible to all audiences in order to inspire individuals to protect the oceans and be aware of their environment. Her lifelong passion for and commitment to the ocean drives her day-to-day creativity and fuels her dedication to ANGARI’s mission.

Kari has extensive experience in television and film. Through August 2021, she held the position of Director of Development at Marvel where she creatively and structurally guides shows currently on air while working with a team of strong storytellers and artists. She oversees animated shows at the development, animatic, recording and animation production stages. Her responsibilities covered a wide range of duties from providing creative story notes to hiring writers to maintaining series continuity. Her work also included creating and organizing pitches, launching new series, developing seasonal concepts, gathering production bids, establishing budgets, building production schedules, casting and interfacing with Marvel’s TV partners and brand management groups and holding the role of Supervising Producer on all of her projects.

Additionally, Kari was in charge of overseeing Marvel’s family entertainment YouTube Channel called Marvel HQ. She managed the Marvel HQ team, conceptualized and managed production of the channel’s content slate, set quarterly performance goals, worked closely across divisions to garner social and marketing support, and communicated with YouTube Corporate to secure their partnership throughout the process. The Marvel projects Kari worked on include: MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, MARVEL’S AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, MARVEL SUPERHERO ADVENTURES: FROST FIGHT and MARVEL’S HULK: WHERE MONSTERS DWELL.

Previous to Marvel, she worked on the Development team at DisneyToon Studios of Walt Disney Studios. During this time, she worked on many feature films.

Through her experience at Marvel and DisneyToon Studios, she discovered that she thrives when focused on storytelling that draws from distinct and high concept worlds while relying on the emotional depth of the characters. She feels that her experience working at both companies has provided her with the best education one can find in the entertainment industry and hopes to put her knowledge of and passion for storytelling into creating inspiring content for the ANGARI library.

Kari earned her B.S. in Communications with majors in Motion Pictures and Studio Art from the University of Miami. She is experienced on the water, holding a U.S.C.G. Merchant Mariner 100-ton license and SCUBA diving and rescue certifications.

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