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Chartering R/V ANGARI

Charter R/V ANGARI

Starting at $1,800 per day + expenses*

*All incurred expenses will be charged at actual cost to charterer. Expenses include: crew, fuel for vessel and tenders, food and beverage, dockage and utilities (except when in home port in West Palm Beach), customs and immigration fees, import fees, special permit fees, local taxes, communications, hire or purchase of special equipment and unusual expenses.


We are proud to be able to offer R/V ANGARI at a great value. In order to keep costs low, we tailor every expedition to the needs of the researchers. Expedition customization and associated costs can be seen in our detailed and transparent estimates and invoices. You know exactly for what you are paying.

Like most private operations, our charters require payment in full prior to the expedition so that we have the needed funds to prepare and provision. At the end of the expedition, we will provide you with a final invoice and balance based on actual incurred expedition expenses. If it’s above your full payment, you owe us the difference; if it’s below, we refund you any overpayments.

We also recognize that many agencies and institutions cannot make payments in advance and need a confirmed fixed price, instead of an estimate, prior to executing an agreement. In these cases, we are happy to provide a fixed quote with a guaranteed expedition cost instead. We will still work with you to customize your expedition and keep costs low.


Fill out our Charter Inquiry Form with as much detail as possible.

One of our staff members will follow up with you regarding your inquiry and clarify any further details needed. Because each charter is customized, we will need several details about your team, possible expedition dates, required daily operations, proposed itinerary and project plans. At this point we will also confirm if you prefer an estimate or fixed quote.

You will be sent a detailed estimate or fixed quote, depending on your request, to review. Our team will be available to answer any questions, address any concerns and make any needed adjustments. ANGARI estimates and quotes generally expire after 90 days and can be updated upon request after expiration. If you need an estimate or quote for the more distant future, let us know!

Once all the details of the expedition are agreed upon and the dates are set, we’ll send you our charter agreement along with payment schedule for your approval and signature. If your agency requires using their own contracts, we can usually accommodate your request, subject to legal review and approval.

The agreed upon payment schedule is provided with the charter agreement. Timely payments are required in order to reserve expedition dates and allow us to fully prepare for your expedition.

We’ll confirm all passenger details, permits, immigration/customs requirements and any specialized requests leading up to your expedition, and then our crew will diligently work with you over the course of the expedition to ensure success.

After your expedition is completed and everyone has disembarked, we will put together the final costs, provide you with an invoice to review and confirm any final balances. Final payments will be made according to agreed terms outlined in the executed charter agreement or contract.


Yes. ANGARI is designated as an Oceanographic Research Vessel (ORV) by the U.S. Coast Guard under the provisions of 46 USC 2101 (24).

Yes! We carry 18 SCUBA tanks, a continuous use air compressor, soft and hard weights and an assortment of spare gear that is available to use at no additional charge during your expedition. If you require BCs, regulators or other specific equipment, please let us know in advance. We do not provide wetsuits.

If you require significant loading and/or unloading time at the start/end of an expedition, please advise us in your initial inquiry. Loading/unloading time is considered significant if it requires more than 3 hours. We charge only our daily crew fee for any additional day, pre or post expedition, that requires significant loading or unloading time. There are no additional loading/unloading charges if it is completed within the expedition dates.

ANGARI Foundation was founded with the goal of supporting scientists and marine science research by providing an exceptional vessel at low costs. When compared to other vessels in our size range, whether privately owned or part of the academic research fleet, our charter fees are well below market. In fact, many say that taking into consideration the accommodations, meals, dive center and air fills, crew and customer service that are included in an ANGARI charter, it’s often more economical and easier to use R/V ANGARI than working from and staying on shore.

Depending on the type of expedition, your expertise, your interests and your availability, we may be able to offer charter discounts through your participation in our education programs. There’s many options to choose from, including virtual and in-person classroom visits, school seminars, panel presentations and participation, meet-and-greets and more. Many of these opportunities can also help you reach your broader impact goals. If you have something specific in mind, we’re happy to explore customized programs with you as well.

Any chemicals, flammables or explosives required for your expedition must be pre-approved. A full list with material names, quantities and storage requirements, as well as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each item, must be provided in advance so that we can ensure we have proper storage and safety measures in place for the expedition. While R/V ANGARI does have an emergency eye wash station and equipped medical kit onboard, the Chief Scientist is required to bring any spill kits, saline washes and PPE necessary for working with chemicals and biologicals. R/V ANGARI is not responsible for disposing of any chemicals or biological or hazardous waste; this is solely the responsibility of the charterer.

The Chief Scientist should inquire about early boarding when discussing the details of the expedition with us. In order to remain flexible and accommodate flight schedules, all guests are generally welcome to board and stay onboard overnight the day before departure at no additional cost. However, arrangements must be made in advance, and no meals are provided onboard prior to the start of the expedition.

Unfortunately, no. Our onboard galley is reserved for crew only. We are incredibly experienced and ready to prepare 3 meals a day, desserts, snacks, beverages and everything needed to keep all onboard well fed. We provision appropriately for the expedition and can accommodate dietary restrictions. Guests are welcome to bring their loved snacks or drinks if they so choose, but it’s certainly not necessary.

Absolutely. We have a lot of experience working in conjunction with other vessels. In the past R/V ANGARI has coordinated with other vessels and shore-based facilities and has served as a base of operations, support vessel, dive boat, additional researcher accommodations, film production and equipment hub and more. We would be happy to discuss what is needed with you and your team.

We are an approved vendor with many federal and state governments and universities. If you cannot find ANGARI Foundation Inc. in your organization’s vendor search, please let us know in your charter inquiry. If required for an expedition, we would be happy to register as a vendor with your organization.

Want to know more?

Review vessel specifications, inquire or ask those who have worked with us.

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