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The Team

Angela Rosenberg, President & R/V ANGARI Captain

Angela serves as President of ANGARI Foundation and captains R/V ANGARI. Angela combined her love for the ocean, marine science and boating to create ANGARI Foundation and has a range of expertise in marine and environmental sciences.

Prior to ANGARI Foundation, she held the position of Director of Programs and Policies for the nonprofit organization The International SeaKeepers Society where she developed and implemented international programs relating to scientific expeditions, oceanographic instrument deployments, education and outreach. Before entering the nonprofit world, Angela worked as a marine geochemist and managed the Marine Trace Element Laboratory at the University of South Carolina. She has conducted extensive field and laboratory work in the marine science field in the U.S. and abroad. In total, Angela has more than fifteen years of marine research experience. She has been involved in research projects on shallow and deep-water corals, aquaculture, marine fossils, paleoceanography, climate change, ocean acidification, trace metals in the ocean and seafloor mapping, among others. Additionally, Angela has several scientific publications and has made numerous presentations to industry groups and educational forums throughout her career.

Angela earned a M.B.A. from the University of South Carolina and a M.S. in Marine Geology and Geophysics and a B.S. in Marine Science and Biology from the University of Miami.

Angela has extensive knowledge and experience in boating and holds a U.S.C.G. Merchant Mariner 100 ton license and STCW and Marine Security credentials as well as several SCUBA certifications, including rescue and NITROX.

Kari Rosenberg, Vice President of Production

Kari Rosenberg is Vice President of Production at ANGARI Foundation where she leads the development and production of ANGARI’s virtual reality films. She creates films that are accessible to all audiences in order to inspire individuals to protect the oceans and be aware of their environment. Her lifelong passion for and commitment to the ocean drives her day-to-day creativity and fuels her dedication to ANGARI’s mission.

Kari has extensive experience in television and film. She currently holds the position of Director of Development at Marvel where she creatively and structurally guides shows currently on air while working with a team of strong storytellers and artists. She oversees animated shows at the development, animatic, recording and animation production stages. Her responsibilities cover a wide range of duties from providing creative story notes to hiring writers to maintaining series continuity. Her work also includes creating and organizing pitches, launching new series, developing seasonal concepts, gathering production bids, establishing budgets, building production schedules, casting and interfacing with Marvel’s TV partners and brand management groups and holding the role of Supervising Producer on all of her projects.

Additionally, Kari is in charge of overseeing Marvel’s family entertainment YouTube Channel called Marvel HQ. She manages the Marvel HQ team, conceptualizes and manages production of the channel’s content slate, sets quarterly performance goals, works closely across divisions to garner social and marketing support, and communicates with YouTube Corporate to secure their partnership throughout the process.


Previous to her current position, she worked on the Development team at DisneyToon Studios of Walt Disney Studios. She was very fortunate to have worked on many feature films including PIXIE HOLLOW GAMES, SECRET OF THE WINGS, PLANES, THE PIRATE FAIRY, PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE and THE LEGEND OF THE NEVERBEAST.

Through her experience at Marvel and DisneyToon Studios, she discovered that she thrives when focused on storytelling that draws from distinct and high concept worlds while relying on the emotional depth of the characters. She feels that her experience working at both companies has provided her with the best education one can find in the entertainment industry and hopes to put her knowledge of and passion for storytelling into creating inspiring content for the ANGARI library.

Kari earned her B.S. in Communications with majors in Motion Pictures and Studio Art from the University of Miami. She is experienced on the water, holding a U.S.C.G. Merchant Mariner 100-ton license and SCUBA diving and rescue certifications.

Amanda Waite, Director of Science Education & Advancement

Dr. Amanda Waite is an upstate New York native who, as many times as she’s tried to escape, keeps finding herself back in Florida. Amanda has a B.A. in Geology from Hamilton College, M.Sc. in Oceanography from the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean and the Environment, and Ph.D. in Marine Geology and Geophysics from the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami. A paleoceanographer and geochemist by training, Amanda studies the relationship between our oceans and climate and how they have changed through time, having conducted earth and marine science research in academic, museum, and petroleum industry settings. She has also maintained a commitment to science education throughout these endeavors, teaching at the college level, as well as in K-12, teacher professional development and informal education settings. Amanda has an innate appreciation and passion for the power of hands-on field and lab based learning in the sciences, and she is thrilled to be able to share this with audiences of all ages at ANGARI Foundation.

R. Michael Brown Headshot

R. Michael Brown, Director of Media & Marketing

Michael is an internationally published and broadcast content strategist, writer and producer and is leading integrated communication, marketing and public relations for the ANGARI Foundation.

While at the Town of Palm Beach Civic Association, he founded and created the market dominator Palm Beach TV and “This Week in Palm Beach” e-newsletter and newscast, watched by over 84% in the town. He has reported extensively on beach erosion and renourishment, Florida coral reefs, water quality and conservation, the Lake Worth Lagoon, Peanut Island and the Port of Palm Beach, the environment and public policy.

As Florida Director of Marketing & Public Relations at Pulte-DiVosta Homes, he spearheaded the worldwide marketing communication strategy and operations for 7 statewide corporate divisions and 80+ active selling communities across Florida with a heavy emphasis on digital. Michael created a global integrated plan and in-house agency and sold over 4,200 homes per year in the state.

While at IBM, Michael pioneered multimedia and web communication, winning a NY Film Festival Award for his interactive production “Introducing Ultimedia” showing the world what the Web would become when it went live. His production was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today Show, PBS, Discovery Channel and the cover of national magazines.

At Motorola, he spearheaded a campaign to “Connect and Conserve” with the World Wildlife Fund, winning the WWF International Presidents Award for public relations. As part of the campaign he wrote and produced articles and video feature stories in the Galapagos Islands, rainforest in Brazil, and Florida Keys.

After starting as a reporter, stringer and contributing editor for national magazines, he went into corporate communications at Bertram Yacht and then IBM, when the personal computer launched, and Motorola as wireless mobile devices started.

His TV/Video has broadcast on local affiliates, national media ABC, CNN, & Discovery Channel. He has worked around the world to create multimedia features in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, the Galapagos Islands, rainforest in Brazil, Florida Keys, Palm Beach, Miami, Orlando, London, Chicago, Colombia, EPCOT, Washington D.C., Cayman Islands, Trinidad, Ecuador, Greece and more.

Michael earned a BA in Journalism with an emphasis in Marine Sciences and Ocean Engineering from Florida Atlantic University and an MA in Communication with an emphasis on Broadcasting, Marketing and Public Relations from Barry University in Miami.

Kevin Davidson, R/V ANGARI Relief Captain & Engineer

Kevin’s love for the ocean started in 1988 when he started as a cook in the live-a-board industry. After becoming a SCUBA instructor and captain, he continued to hone his skills as an underwater photographer, his true love. In 1993 he operated a photo and video shop in Palau for the next 15 years, guiding dives, teaching photography, piloting yachts and acting as tour guide and photographer for the visiting super yachts.

After approximately eleven years in the yachting industry and becoming an expert in the Pacific and Micronesia, he has moved back to Florida and started a new chapter in his life working onboard R/V ANGARI.

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