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Seeing Red: Florida’s Harmful Algal Bloom

Dr. Lisa Krimsky, Water Resources Regional Specialized Agent

University of Florida IFAS Extension
and Florida Sea Grant

Dr. Krimsky addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about red tides including causes and impacts of red tides and the current bloom status in Florida.

Recorded Webinar:

Select Supplemental Content:

[REFERENCE]  Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission FWRI – Red Tide & Red Tide Current Status
[RESOURCE LIBRARY]  Florida Sea Grant – Harmful Algal Blooms in Florida
[READING]  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute – Harmful Algal Blooms | Understanding the Threat and the Actions Being Taken to Address it (a 2022 special report)
[READING]  Florida Sea Grant – State of the Science for Karenia brevis (Red Tide) in Florida
[VIDEO]  American Chemical Society – The Terrifying (but Awesome) Science Behind Red Tides
[READING]  UF IFAS Extension – Tips for Tracking Red Tide
[REFERENCE]  NOAA NCCOS – Gulf of Mexico Harmful Algal Bloom Forecast
[REFERENCE]  USF – Red Tide Prediction and Tracking on the West Florida Shelf
[READING]  UF IFAS – Quantifying the Socio-Economic Impacts of HABs in SW Florida in 2018

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