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Expedition 28: Coralpalooza™ 2019

For two days, an army of ocean lovers set out into the ocean to actively restore coral reefs. Recreational scuba divers joined experienced coral restoration practitioners from the Coral Restoration Foundation™ (CRF) to physically outplant critically endangered corals onto degraded reefs. ANGARI Foundation joined these efforts as an Ecosystem Sponsor for the event, and R/V ANGARI served as a dive platform and the primary vessel for transporting corals between nursery and planting sites.
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Expedition 26: FIU Shark Education – WLMS

Students from the Marine Conservation Club at Wellington Landings Middle School spent the day onboard R/V ANGARI assisting Florida International University (FIU) researchers with shark research and learning about marine science through hands-on activities.
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EXP 24: Dive Team Inside Titan Just Before Closing The Forward Dome. Pictured From Left To Right: Karl Stanley, Petros Mathioudakis, Stockton Rush And Joel Perry. PC: OceanGate

Expedition 24: OceanGate Submersible Dives

"Titan submersible has transported a crew of four on a descent of 3,760 meters, breaking a deep-sea diving record. OceanGate says Titan is the only submersible capable of carrying five people beyond a depth of 3,000 meters." - CompositesWorld
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Expedition 22: Blacktip Shark Migration

During this expedition, R/V ANGARI hosted shark researchers from Florida International University (FIU) and Florida Atlantic University (FAU) for a look at the blacktip shark migration along the cost of Palm Beach County, Florida.
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