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Shark Toxicology

Laura García Barcia shares her field and laboratory research on sharks and its impacts on conservation and policy work, including that tied to the shark fin trade.
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Sea Turtle Ecology

Dr. Elizabeth Whitman will share her research on sea turtle grazing habits and how these relate to environmental factors like invasive species and hurricanes.
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OEE Coral Restoration With Roxane Boonstra Of Coral Restoration Foundation

Reef Degradation & Restoration

Roxane Boonstra, Dive and Volunteer Coordinator at Coral Restoration Foundation, explains the plight of the Florida Reef Tract over recent decades and how the world’s largest reef restoration organization uses coral nurseries and coral gardening techniques to bring the reefs back to life.
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OEE Krista Sherman Thumbnail No Date

Bahamian Fisheries

Dr. Krista Sherman, Senior Scientist at Perry Institute for Marine Science, shares her research experiences aimed at helping policymakers understand how to better conserve and manage important fisheries resources in the Bahamas.
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OEE Angela Rosenberg Thumbnail No Date

Research Vessel Operations

Angela Rosenberg, captain of the 65-foot research vessel, R/V ANGARI speaks about her experience coordinating expeditions to many remote locations throughout the Southeastern U.S., Caribbean and Dry Tortugas.
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