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Underwater Archaeology

Dr. Frederick Hanselmann, Faculty and Director 

Department of Marine Ecosystems and Society,
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science,
University of Miami

Dr. Frederick Hanselmann of the University of Miami shares his experiences and the tools he uses to explore and investigate historic shipwrecks in marine environments around Florida and the Caribbean.

Thursday April 8, 2021 at 1:30 PM EST

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Dr. Frederick “Fritz” Hanselmann is an underwater archaeologist, part of the Exploration Sciences Program and directs the Underwater Archaeology Program at the University of Miami. His exploration and research ranges from submerged prehistoric deposits in springs and caves to historic Latin American and Caribbean shipwrecks, including the wreck of the Quedagh Merchant, abandoned by Captain Kidd off of Hispaniola in 1699. Fritz led the first archaeological survey off the mouth of Panama’s Chagres River and directed the Río Chagres Maritime Landscape Study and Lost Ships of Henry Morgan Project. He is a principal investigator on the Monterrey Shipwreck Project in the Gulf of Mexico, and is co-director of the Lost Ships of Cortés Project in Mexico. He is a GUE cave and technical diver, SCUBA instructor, Nautical Archaeology Society Tutor and Explorer’s Club Fellow. Fritz holds Masters degrees in Anthropology and Public Affairs and a PhD in Anthropology from Indiana University. He focuses on capacity building and training for archaeologists and heritage managers in less developed countries and marine protected areas and underwater preserve development. He’s widely featured by media, including National Geographic, Sundance and Travel Channels, and Sundance and South By Southwest Film Festivals.

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