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ANGARI Deep Dive Moon Jellyfish

ANGARI Deep Dive – Moon Jellyfish

November's #ANGARIDeepDive topic is the moon jellyfish (Genus: Aurelia)! Growing up to 24 inches in diameter, these jellyfish are almost entirely translucent. Moon jellies aren't strong swimmers and are only capable of limited motion so wind, waves and current often…

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Ocean Expert Exchange With SEFS

Ocean Expert Exchange

Co-hosted by ANGARI Foundation and the University of Florida Thompson Earth Systems Institute’s Scientist in Every Florida School initiative, Ocean Expert Exchange webinars feature experts in marine science and technology, many of whom have participated in expeditions onboard ANGARI Foundation’s…

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Expedition 26: FIU Shark Education – WLMS

Students from the Marine Conservation Club at Wellington Landings Middle School spent the day onboard R/V ANGARI assisting Florida International University (FIU) researchers with shark research and learning about marine science through hands-on activities.
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