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Look for R/V ANGARI in Shark Week 2018

On July 26, Discovery Channel’s Shark Week special, Sharkwrecked will premiere at 9 p.m. ET/PT, as a part of Shark Week 2018, which officially began Sunday, July 22. 

Discovery Channel

According to Discovery Channel, Every year more than 450 boats sink in US waters and 8 out of 10 of these are small leisure craft and fishing vessels. Survivors plunge into deep water, often with no life vest, food or fresh water. Throw hungry sharks in the mix and suddenly there’s a real and immediate life-threatening challenge. In a 48-hour adrenaline-fueled and daring experiment, shark attack survivor Paul de Gelder joins forces with fellow serviceman and marine survival expert, James Glancy to record what happens when a shipwreck occurs in shark-infested waters. Scientists Greg Skomal and Edd Brooks track the sharks that circle our survivors, while Medic Mike Hudson and his team gauge their health and safety as their bodies deteriorate in the water over the 48-hour timeframe. Which sharks are attracted to humans in distress? We’ll answer this and the most important question: what gets you first, the sea or the sharks?”

Big Wave Productions

Another reason to watch Sharkwrecked? You’ll get the chance to spot R/V ANGARI in action! Follow us on social media for more information and behind-the-scenes footage. 

To learn more about Shark Week, click here.

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Angela Rosenberg

Angela Rosenberg

President of ANGARI Foundation and Captain of R/V ANGARI

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