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ANGARI Foundation is proud to have been an Ecosystem Sponsor for CORALPALOOZA™ 2019.  On June 7 & 8, R/V ANGARI and crew ventured down to the Florida Keys to provide operational support to Coral Restoration Foundation™ at their annual event to restore coral reefs. CRF reports that at this year’s event, around 250 divers returned 1,760 corals to the wild overall in the Florida Keys, which is more than any previous CORALPALOOZA™ event.

R/V ANGARI and Crew supported harvesting activities at the coral nursery on June 7th, provided overnight coral aquaculture services, and transported the corals from the nursery site to Carysfort Reef on June 8th. There, the corals were transferred onto several dive boats and outplanted onto the reef by an army of volunteer divers. According to CRF Dive and Volunteer Coordinator, Roxane Boonstra, “CORALPALOOZA™ is a way for all ocean lovers, whether on land or in the water, to unite to prevent the loss of our coral reefs. By working together in this 48-hour period, this massive, coordinated, tangible action sends a message of hope for coral reefs from the Florida Keys to the rest of the world!”

Coralpalooza 2019

Coral Restoration Foundation™ (CRF) is the largest coral restoration organization in the world. They have been restoring reefs in Florida for 12 years, and have now returned more than 80,000 critically endangered corals back to the Florida Reef Tract.



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