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Expedition 29: Oceanography Camp for Girls

Participants in the 2019 Oceanography Camp for Girls became oceanographers for the day, exploring and implementing numerous scientific techniques to study the marine world while onboard R/V ANGARI. 

Research Methods



June 12 -14, 2019


St. Petersburg, FL


As a part of University of South Florida (USF) College of Marine Science’s Oceanography Camp for Girls (OCG), a cohort of aspiring young female oceanographers and several science mentors came onboard R/V ANGARI to participate in fieldwork throughout the Tampa Bay area over a period of three days. The campers collaborated with one another by to collect samples and scientific data from 3 sampling sites each day using various equipment and techniques, including the use of Niskin bottles, YSI probes, Secchi disks, and a Shipek sediment grab.  The participants also analyzed the level of nutrients and dissolved oxygen in each water sample they collected and practiced marine species identification through plankton tows and otter trawling.

Oceanography Camp for Girls is a program that aims to inspire and motivate young women entering high school to consider career opportunities in the sciences. The all-girls setting dissolves social barriers to learning, increases self-confidence and creates a comfortable “risk-free” environment for learning.

Thank you to the Florida Institute of Oceanography at the USF College of Marine Science for supporting this expedition by providing scientific gear and dockage for R/V ANGARI, and to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for providing the trawl net.



Dr. Teresa Greely is a Biological Oceanographer and Science Educator at the University of South Florida where she provides expertise in the areas of biological oceanography, ecological physiology, marine fishes, and ocean science education. She has broad research interests that encompass teaching and training about the ocean sciences in three areas: graduate and undergraduate education, teacher education, and ocean literacy amongst youth.

Dr. Greely currently coordinates four education programs: The Oceanography Camp for Girls (OCG), the In-service Teacher Oceanography Workshops (In-TOW), the National Ocean Science Bowl’s regional Spoonbill Bowl competition, and the OCEANS Teaching Fellowships.



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