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ANGARI educator resources are designed to improve ocean literacy and enhance student understanding of environmental and ocean science concepts and methods. We offer a variety of activities and curated content that complement ANGARI programs, including our Generation Ocean 360 film series. Please register or login for access.

Students watch the 360 film "Generation Ocean: Coral Reefs" to learn how scientists study coral reefs. PC: Angela Rosenberg

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Generation Ocean: Coral Reefs Globe

Generation Ocean: Coral Reefs

Science [Middle & High School]

A flexible series of activities that allow students to explore coral reef science. Students learn about the methods scientists use to study and understand reef health, including coral bleaching, and navigate through the scientists’ open access resources and data from reefs in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

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Ocean Expert Exchange With SEFS

Ocean Expert Exchange

Science [All Ages]

Ocean Expert Exchange is a live educational webinar series featuring experts in marine science and technology. The 30-minute live events welcome audiences of all ages and include a presentation on the speaker’s area of expertise followed by Q&A. Recordings of the live events are available with complementary educational content for those wanting to dive deeper into the topic.

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Sharks Off Our Shores Panel Thumbnail

Sharks Off Our Shores | Blacktip shark migration

Science [All Ages]

Live panel event aired Feb. 17, 2021 with shark scientists from Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University and ANGARI’s film producer. In addition to learning about our panelists work, the audience had the opportunity to have their questions answered by the experts. A recording of the live event with complementary educational content is available.

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Hurricane Dorian Panel Thumbnail

Hurricane Dorian | Impacts below the surface

Science [All Ages]

Live panel event aired Sept. 30, 2020 with scientists from Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation, Friends of the Environment and Perry Institute for Marine Science. They shared impacts of the Cat 5 storm on communities and marine life in The Bahamas and answered audience questions. A recording of the live event with complementary educational content is available.

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