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Lagoon Drift Deplyment Webpage Post

Drift on! ANGARI Foundation Calls on Public to Take Part in 10th Lagoon Drift Card Experiment

Palm Beach Day Academy teacher Dr. Erin Mitchell, volunteer Chelsea Casagrande and ANGARI Intern Martinna Parham help with the drift card deployment at the West Palm Beach Public Dock site.

Today, although a bit wet and windy, ANGARI Foundation and our partners successfully coordinated the release of 240 eco-friendly, yellow, wooden drift cards from 6 sites in and around the Lake Worth Lagoon and Intracoastal Waterway as part of our 10th Lake Worth Lagoon Drift Card Study experiment. This citizen science experiment helps us gain a better understanding of how marine debris is transported and accumulates in the area. 

After their release, the drift cards float on the water’s surface, being carried by local currents and tides, until the point at which they are found by citizen scientists around our community. 

As of 12:45pm today, the drift cards are in the water, and now we need your help! Community members are invited to participate in this citizen science experiment by locating, recovering, and reporting found drift cards along with a photo of the card to the email address [email protected].

Learn more about Lagoon Drift on our website and check out our Facebook event and social media for updates and photos from this experiment. Historically, we have had high drift card recovery rates for the study, and with your help, we hope to keep up that trend.


Lagoon Drift Card Study - Wanted Poster for Fall 2023 Experiment

Laura Jessop

Laura Jessop

I am an ocean enthusiast that has worked previously and continue to help at Local Ocean Conservation which is a non-profit organisation based in Kenya. I helped with the efforts of protecting sea turtles that have been caught as by-catch in the Indian Ocean. I help them digitalise and manage over 20 years worth of data that they have collected. Currently I am a remote intern here at ANGARI and very excited to help with the amazing work they conduct.

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