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Generation Ocean: Coral Reefs

The Experts Weigh In – ELABORATE


Arrange an in person or video-based conversation with a coral reef expert to better understand the life of a coral scientist, the current state of coral reefs, and the work being done to conserve them.


Stephanie Killingsworth 1,2,3 (view profile)

Dr. Amanda Waite 1 (view profile)

1 ANGARI Foundation
2 Conniston Middle School
3 UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute – Scientist in Every Florida School


Middle – High School Students


Questions will be determined by teachers and students in order to:

  • Acquire expert insight on the current state of coral reefs and the threats they are facing.
  • Better understand aspects of coral science that were unclear after completion of prior activities.
  • Learn about the latest scientific updates directly from those who study coral reefs.
  • Establish a personal connection with an expert scientist, and thus gain a science mentor.


30 minutes [some advance preparation recommended]


  • Coral scientist contact (email [email protected] to arrange)
  • If a virtual meeting, computer with projector or Smart Board
  • If a virtual meeting, internet access for Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts


  1. Recommended Student Prep: Populate class list of questions from preceding coral activities.
  2. Recommended Teacher Prep: Provide scientist a brief description of students’ experience with and knowledge of corals to date. If possible, allow scientist to preview students’ pre-populated questions (preferable curated) so that they are aware of their interests and can cater accordingly.
  3. Coral scientist begins by introducing themselves and their current research goals and efforts. [10 min]
  4. Students Q&A with Scientist. [20 min]


Quantity and quality of prepared questions and participation in and quality of discussion with scientist.

Generation Ocean: Coral Reefs Partners

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